Selection Of 15 Interesting PhD Thesis Topics About Political Science

It is not so easy for students to write a Ph.D. dissertation about political science. Even if they were studying this subject for several years, when it comes to writing the Ph.D., many of them are getting stuck, and they cannot even think of a good and quality topic about political science.

However, today with many available tools, students can search for quality, unique and creative topics for their Ph.D. thesis about political science. Here is a list of some potential and interesting topics that you can use and create a new and fresh content connect with political science:

  • How can US-China relationship affect the nuclear proliferation and terrorism in the Middle East?
  • The presidential election in the USA and what after them
  • Methods and strategies for stability in the world
  • The Asia-Pacific security and future changes
  • How worldwide politicians are becoming decision-makers?
  • The corruption in the political world through real cases
  • The cultural diplomacy between Soviet and Russia
  • The inside political strategy of North Korea
  • The international relationship and strategy of the EU and China
  • The Japan’s international relations
  • Cooperation between two famous politicians in the world
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the political science and its existence
  • Can the world survive without political science?
  • Cybersecurity and its effect on the political world
  • Real cases of a political instability

Choosing some of these interesting topics about political science can definitely give you the right direction with your Ph.D. Whenever you do a research about some of the topics that you will choose, make sure that you will use more tools and sources.

Also, you can always choose a different topic about political science. You can find more available and fresh topics on the internet, ask a friend, your teacher or search something interesting in a political book.

You can choose one or more topics and combine them in one content. Also, always use some facts, arguments, suggestions, ideas and opinions when you are writing about this kind of topic. Besides that, in the political science, you can find many facts, numbers, arguments or opinions that are worth to be mentioned in your Ph.D. dissertation.

Once you will do your research of the chosen political science topic, your writing will be easy and fast. Besides that, choosing a topic that you like and increase your knowledge and interest is a real plus to write an outstanding Ph.D. thesis.