Everything You Should Know About Thesis Paper Methodology

In every thesis, a research methodology determines the reliability and validity of the results. Accordingly, it is critical that you understand all the major aspects of a methodology so that your efforts in research are worthwhile.

A research methodology is divided into four major elements namely design, sampling, data collection and analysis.

  • Research Design
  • In regards to the design, the group for which information will be collected and when the data will be collected is specified. It also specifies the time in which an intervention will take place after research. Note that the type of design chosen depends majorly on the questions that need to be answered through research.

  • Sampling Of Data
  • Sampling involves choosing a small group of people or units to represent an entire population. It is meant to solve issues of costs and the burden on participants. It also allows a researcher to engage in an in-depth outlook on a given topic.

  • Data Collection
  • In data collection, a researcher will opt for a method or instrument that help them to collect reliable and valid information from the population. Their choice is also determined by the nature of research. In quantitative research, for instance, structured interviews and questionnaires are used to collect data. On the other hand, unstructured interviews and observations are used in qualitative research.

  • Data Analysis
  • After data is collected, it is analyzed using different statistical procedures. For this to be a reality, data has to be organized well using charts, graphs and tables. Statistical procedures such as mean and mode are hence utilized to make an analysis. Note that the method chosen in this process depends on whether a thesis is qualitative or quantitative.

How to Choose an Appropriate Methodology

To choose the right methodology, a researcher must answer the following questions:

  • Is a survey quantitative, qualitative or a mixture of both?
  • Will a methodology help answer pertinent questions?
  • Is it possible that a methodology will prevent a researcher from making certain discoveries?
  • What are the advantages or disadvantages of utilizing a methodology?

Bottom Line

Ultimately, a researcher must take their time to evaluate the most appropriate methodology to utilize in their thesis. They may seek cheap thesis writing and assistance from the professionals in the process so that they can get credible results in the end. Otherwise, they will have wasted their time and resources.