Ways And Means Of Writing A Dissertation Conclusion

One of the most important parts of any paper is the conclusion. By reading the conclusion, you will able to evaluate the relevance of the whole discussion. It must be pointed out that many people underestimate the importance and relevance of dissertation conclusion. If you want to ensure that the conclusion you write is interesting to the reader and does not go off point, you must follow the laid down rules.

  • First, take conclusion as part and parcel of your paper. Some students think or assume that the conclusion is simply a place where they can relax and say anything that comes to their mind. If you do this, it is almost assured that the conclusion you write will be something not interesting and not worth reading.
  • In addition to the general conclusion of the paper, every single chapter should have its own conclusion. Indeed, every paper must have an introduction, the body and then the conclusion and face a proper paper proofreading.
  • Do not include irrelevant information in the conclusion. The conclusion, as the name suggests, should conclude by summing up your work and should also include some recommendations for future research. Also ensure that in the conclusion you state how the recommendations you make are contradicted or justified by the research.
  • For dissertation, ensure there is a section recommending future research with clean information on why that is necessary. For example, it could be that the findings would have been slightly different if the research was carried for longer duration or a different environment.

In the conclusion chapters, ensure you remind the reader of the discussion or important findings, experiments or other information in the preceding discussion. Just as an example, you may say…in the chapter, we have seen that the need of self-preservation and dominance of world trade has made many developed countries to withhold their innovations and have been reluctant to share them with other developed nations or with the developing world. In the next chapter, this will be analysed as per countries, regions and continents. As you can see, this conclusion, links the reader to the previous chapter and also the subsequent discussion.