Trending dissertation topics in sociology: catch the wave

Sociology is a wide course and there are many things you can research about in the field. In fact, all the issues which fall within the larger social science category are good source of sociology dissertation topic ideas. It is always recommended and advised that you should do all that is necessary to ensure the topic you select is unique, informative and interesting to the reader.

The first step is narrowing down the particular area in sociology where you want to write on. It could be religion, culture, education, family, marriage, etc. With this in mind, the following are some of the topics you can develop if you want to write with an interesting read that will meet the standards of your institution.

  1. The influence of education and religion on modern social studies: an investigation of the connection between religion and education and the societal behaviour.
  2. An evaluation of the influence of religion and inter-ethnic and inter cultural marriages across the world.
  3. The changing nature global terror and its influence on the world culture and politics.
  4. The relevance of social guidance and assistance in improving access to education and literacy in developing world.
  5. The rise of women to leadership positions in top companies and in the leading economies of United Kingdom, Korea and Germany: has affirmative action borne fruits?
  6. An evaluation of the governments and economic stabilities of former British colonies versus former French colonies.
  7. A comparison of the impact and responsibility of religion in the shaping of special aspects of modern American and Arab societies.
  8. A sociological analysis of the politics of the eastern versus the western world and the impact in balancing world military and trade power.
  9. Teen drugs abuse sand its relationship with increasing cases of juvenile delinquency across the world.
  10. A sociological evaluation of the sentencing and incarceration of child that murders or commits other capital offences.
  11. The relevance of communism and capitalism systems of governance in the modern and future generations.
  12. A critical analysis of the divorce and marriage processes in the 21st century.

The above are just some few examples of the many dissertation ideas sociology. In fact, there is no other course which has so many things and issues to explore and discuss as sociology. The paper regardless of the topic should have the title page, dedication, acknowledgement, an abstract, table of contents, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, references and appendices.