Structuring Properly Your Undergraduate Dissertation: Contents Page

As one of the first pages of any undergraduate dissertation, the contents page needs to be structured properly. In order to get a better understanding of how to structure your work properly, you may find the following article of interest.

  • What you should include in your contents page
  • Firstly, you need to be aware of what contents your contents page should to include. To some extent, this can depend upon the formatting guide that you are using. Alternatively, if you are not using a formatting guide, then it may be that your promoter or someone else can give you advice. Nevertheless, you are most likely going to need to include the title, your name, some reference to the subject that you are studying, including possibly the department to which you are assigned, the date, and any other important details relevant to your specific piece of work.

  • When you should write this particular section
  • It is possible to write this particular section at the beginning; however, it is a relatively easy part of your work, and there is no real need to write it so soon. In fact, it is entirely possible that you will make some changes, such as alterations to the title and subheadings, and it is therefore straightforward enough to leave this particular section until last, once you have a better understanding of what precise details you wish to include.

  • Checking your contents page does actually correspond with the rest of the work
  • When writing any essay, you should always be prepared to check your work. No matter how small or longer section may be, proofreading and editing at can help to avoid any unnecessary mistakes. Furthermore, if there any connections between two or more sections, then it is important that you check those sections for relevance.

For example, your contents page will essentially be connected with the rest of the work, by virtue of the fact that it will need to include the title; therefore, you need to ensure that the title is still relevant. If things have changed, which can happen during the writing process, then you may need to make adaptations to the title. Alternatively, if any subtitles are now out of date, then you will need to make the necessary changes before you finalize the contents page. Likewise, quickly edit and proofread to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors.