A List Of Unique Dissertation Topics For Undergraduate Students

We are here to present a few dissertation topics for undergraduate students. If you are going to buy dissertation online, here are accounting, business, and economics topics on which they can write.


  1. A comparative study to evaluate the evolution of policies propitiating green initiatives in accounting techniques in four major private sector banks in the United States.
  2. A brief investigation into the range and scope of corporate espionage in the management of intellectual capital gains of leading technology companies in South Korea.
  3. A comprehensive review of austerity drives in Greece during the financial crisis: An investigation into the management of the bailout money and government’s restraints in corporate spending.
  4. A detailed study of the monopoly of Big Oil in certain emerging markets and it’s influence on the growth patterns of chocolate consumption in Canada.
  5. A brief history of the influence of government policies on loans, grants and funds to Small and Medium Enterprises in New Zealand.


  1. A study of the relationship of customers with the manager of Banks as a driving factor in the defaulting of private loans in India.
  2. A detailed study of executive policies of the government of New Guinea in allowing the establishment of plants of Big Oil in areas that should be protected under heritage protection laws.
  3. A comparative analysis of cases in which Non-Disclosure Agreements were breached in the Silicon Valley, California: The extent of Non-Disclosure Agreements in terms of intellectual property laws.
  4. A case study of the Apple Vs. Samsung case in regards to violation of Apple’s patents for a wide array of products: From the perspective of an investment banker.
  5. A detailed analysis of the growth of the Chinese online commerce portals in the United States market as a catalyst for changing domestic taxation policies.


  1. A detailed study of the Libor rate-fixing scandal: The long term implications on trust issues with European Banks and the United States Federal Government policies.
  2. A comparative analysis of how securities inflow in developed nations affects food prices in developing countries in Asia.
  3. A detailed investigation of the changing taxation policies of the Indian government as a driving force for the diminishing real estate market in India.
  4. A detailed investigation of the current sanctions being imposed on Russia as a driving force in the plummeting prices of Brent Crude Oil, and a subsequent decline in Russian industrial output.
  5. A brief study of the international monetary systems that affect the exchange rates to float as a by product of changing national investment portfolios of emerging markets.